Susan E. Tanton

Susan has been a photographer and painter for over 30 years. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art in Photography, Painting, & Design, it was only natural that she discovered that by combining all 3 into a complex body of art that the results would become her trademark as an artist.

Susan now combines her love of abstract photography with landscape painting, lots of colour and a tremendous push out of the proverbial "box" way of thinking. This trademark is the result of many years' worth of exposure to old cars & trucks at her dad's shop; lots of road trips; her long career reproducing aged, distressed, & chemically changed surfaces in the film industry; her training in colour theory, composition and structure; experience working with great photographers; and lastly—a passion for the process that pulls it all together.


Susan's works can be found in private collections across both North America and Europe.

Susan with her mixed media piece entitled "Dancer"

Susan with her mixed media piece entitled "Dancer"